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“Look Up” – A message for the “online” generation

Phones, I-pads, headphones, laptops, consoles! The truth is, technology, as wonderful as it is, seems to have created a generation of one handed zombies.Today everything is expressed via text messages or done over the internet. In all this technological mayhem, we forgotten that we live in the real world.. While we are so busy reading about others’ lives, we miss out seeing what ...

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Whiz kid makes own radio station from scouring trash cans

|By Riti Sinha| Kelvin Doe’s neighborhood in Sierra Leone has power lines, but electricity is rarely available even for mundane things such as lighting homes at night. Tired of the week long power cuts, this young lad, now 17-years old decided to turn things around. He built his own battery out of acid, soda, and metal parts scavenged from trash ...

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India’s firm stance on tax could actually help investors

By Mick Moore, Institute of Development Studies Just make sure you get a receiptPhoto:Tom Miller/PA India keeps getting into arguments with foreign firms over tax; is it wise to do so? The Financial Times, for one, is in no doubt that India is scaring off foreign investors, and that it is making a mistake. A recent editorial had the unambiguous ...

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