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Obama’s Speech in Kenya is a Huge Win for Gender Empowerment

This Sunday, President Obama addressed 5,000 Kenyans in Nairobi in a powerful speech aimed at Kenya’s democratic elements for success in the 21st century. His speech covered three main points focusing on empowering women, fighting terrorism and resisting corruption. Inspiring, motivational, bold and incredibly articulate, Obama did a fantastic job in sparking a desire for change when it comes to ...

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Insuring nuclear suppliers using Indian tax payers’ money – how nationalist is diluting liability, Mr. PM?

|By Kumar Sundaram|Dianuke| On the eve of India’s Republic Day, the Modi government has announced that it will arm-twist the public-owned General Insurance Company(GIC) to provide insurance cover for the nuclear suppliers. Though the exact details are still not clear, the media reports suggest that the Indian government has found a roundabout way to placate the US nuclear suppliers’ like ...

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President Barack Obama

America’s Never-Ending War

|By Brahma Chellaney| NEW DELHI – It is official: US President and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Barack Obama is at war again. After toppling Libyan ruler Muammar el-Qaddafi and bombing targets in Somalia and Yemen, Obama has initiated airstrikes in northern Iraq, effectively declaring war on the Islamic State – a decision that will involve infringing on the sovereign, if ...

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Words, words and more damned words

|By Mari Marcel Thekaekara | New Internationalist| The news of the 286 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram has provoked universal condemnation. If, sitting safely in our homes, secure in the knowledge that such a thing could never happen to our children, we can feel such a sense of anger and outrage, imagine the plight of the girls and their families. ...

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Can the US and Russia talk their way out of crisis in Ukraine?

By Stefan Wolff, University of Birmingham Kerry and Lavrov keep talking. EPA/Martial Trezzini Talks between US secretary of state John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov, in Paris, followed after a week of high-level diplomacy, including a phone call between presidents Obama and Putin. The very fact that the meeting was so hastily arranged and at the level of ...

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