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Hashtag drama in Delhi elections

[By Aishwarya Yerra] In less than two days Delhi will go into Assembly elections. Battle lines were clearly drawn more than a month ago and #Delhifightclub has been going at it and how. Fighters Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Admi Party were supposed to fight each other but through the course of the election campaigning it became #cabinetvsKejriwal just after ...

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Negative campaigning gets aggressive as Delhi elections draw closer

|By Shreeshan Venkatesh| New Delhi : While political parties spend crores in promoting their candidates in run-up to elections, most rely heavily on negative campaigning and slinging mud at the opposition. And this only increases with each passing election season. According to Observer Foundation senior fellow Dr. Satish Misra: Mudslinging in elections has been increasing with every passing election and ...

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