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Chewang Norphel : The white knight of Ladakh building glaciers to tackle global warming

Chewang Norphel may seem like an ordinary villager but in reality he is far from the ordinary. In a place 13,000 feet above sea level, this remarkable man is taking on the global warming challenge head on and doing something extraordinary . He is building glaciers. Using artificial glaciers to slowdown the global warming, may seem like a far fetched concept but Norphel’s technique ...

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Why we should weep for the sparrow

[By Mari Marcel Thekaekara| New Internationalist] Did you celebrate World Sparrow Day on 20 March?  It bothers me when I read that these birds are becoming extinct in Indian cities. Chirpy, cheeky little sparrows were part of our life, growing up as children in a dilapidated Kolkata flat. They nested high up in an old-fashioned ventilator. And caused us kids ...

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Dharhara’s eco-feminism spreads its wings across Bihar

|By Sanjay Pandey| Dharhara : The tradition of planting saplings to celebrate the birth of a girl child struck deep roots in Dharhara centuries ago. But the eco-feminism model has started transcending the borders of the Bhagalpur village only recently. The noble practice that serves a twin purpose – that of environmental conservation as well as stopping female foeticide – ...

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