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India’s Jewel in the Crown

|By Shashi Tharoor| NEW DELHI – India’s Solicitor-General, Ranjit Kumar, recently declared that India would not seek the return of the Kohinoor diamond – one of the world’s oldest and most valuable – from the British, to whom India had “gifted” it. The statement shocked India and unleashed passionate debate – so passionate, in fact, that the government scrambled to ...

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British tribunal victory for Indian worker

[By Mari Marcel Thekaekara] Adivasi (or indigenous Indian) Premila Tirkey has been awarded £184,000 ($280,000) by a British employment tribunal in compensation for four and a half years of exploitation while she was working as a maid for an Indian family in the UK. It is a landmark judgement. Tirkey worked for Pooja and Ajay Chandhok in Milton Keynes. Her ...

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Great British break off averted, but can a new deal for the UK really be cooked up like this?

|By Mark Elliott |The Conversation| An article of faith in the Scottish independence debate has – quite rightly – been that it was for Scotland, and only Scotland, to decide whether it should remain part of the UK. But it is equally clear, now that Scotland has rejected independence, that a broader debate is necessary. That debate will reverberate throughout ...

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Larwood’s shame is Ishant Sharma’s fame

|By Sanjib Guha| Ishant Sharma’s 7-74 somehow reminds me of the English sensation of the 1930s – Harold Larwood. Being one of the finest fast bowlers of his time, Larwood’s career came to a premature end after inventing the style of bowling ‘bodyline’ against Bill Woodfull – Don Bradman’s Australia with resounding success more than 80 years ago. Larwood’s strategy ...

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World Cup swansong for Gerrard, Lampard?

|By Sanjib Guha| Following Italy’s 1-0 defeat to Costa Rica, it can be said with certainty that England is out of the FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil. And with that, the showpiece event loses another host of colourful stars in Wayne Rooney, Joe Hart, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard (benched in 2014), Daniel Sturridge and few more. True, Rooney (28) and Sturridge ...

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