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Water ATMs’ deliver liquid assets in India’s capital

[By Anita Makri|SciDev.Net] Two years ago, Anand Shah, founder of Indian firm Sarvajal, wrote about how the company had developed solar-powered ‘water ATMs’ to get clean and affordable water to people in remote parts of India. Shah ended by sharing his vision to have a water vending machine in every village and on every city corner, as a simple solution to ...

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Demystifying Delhi’s Water Crisis

|By Simran Brar & Roop Brar| If you are a Delhi-ite, your life has already been touched by the water scarcity in the city. Chances are, you have already fought with your water-hoarding neigbour upstream whose monstrous motor is sucking up all the water meant for your block. You have sworn under your breath at 6 am on being rudely awakened by the ...

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