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Modi in China

[By Brahma Chellaney] NEW DELHI – China and India have a fraught relationship, characterized by festering disputes, deep mistrust, and a shared ambivalence about political cooperation. Booming bilateral trade, far from helping to turn the page on old rifts, has been accompanied by increasing border incidents, military tensions, and geopolitical rivalry, as well as disagreements on riparian and maritime issues. ...

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China’s Silk Road Revival

|By Shashi Tharoor| NEW DELHI – The phrase “Silk Road” evokes a romantic image – half history, half myth – of tented camel caravans winding their way across the trackless deserts and mountains of Central Asia. But the Silk Road is not just part of a fabled past; it is an important feature of China’s current foreign policy. The historical ...

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Why is China trying to woo the new regime in Delhi?

|By Narendra Kaushik| New Delhi: Three high-level government interactions – – Chinese Premier Li Kiqiang and President Xi Jingping spoke to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi after which Jingping sent his special envoy, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi, to New Delhi – a meeting between top honchos of Communist Party of China (CPC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and around ...

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Why remember the past? The case of Tiananmen

|By John Keane, University of Sydney| The Conversation| Most people know from daily experience that memories are vital for their sense of well-being. Memory is the bearer of lavish gifts. It strengthens our capacity for living in the present. Memory brings direction. It prompts us to move on, to imagine different futures.When it comes to whole political orders, the remembrance of ...

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Modi plucks pearls from Beijing’s string

|By Narendra Kaushik| New Delhi: With its obsessive focus on meetings between Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his Pakistani counterpart Nawaz Sharif, the media in New Delhi missed the wood for the trees. It dissected every nuance of the 40-minute long dialogue between the two nuclear neighbours and in the process ignored the real intent of Modi’s ‘out-of-the-box’ thinking ...

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