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What’s your encounter with corruption in India

Corruption in India makes news everyday; No matter which political party forms the government, corruption seems be its bedfellow.

Point Blank 7 launches a #CorruptionInIndia, a writathon addressing the nepotism in our country. Sharing your experiences with corruption in India will raise awareness about the problem and help another person from falling victim to our country’s dark trap.

Write to us about your encounter with corruption.

Add your voice to the conversation. Write to us at : writeforus@pointblank7.com


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How we deal with corruption, poverty, caste and ethnic issues, terrorism and shamelessly divisive politicians? With murderous Maoists, juvenile rapists, and our increasingly belligerent and bellicose neighbours?

What can we do to kickstart a new, resurgent India?Where do we want India to be 10 years from now? How do we get there? What are the three biggest long and short term threats facing the nation, and what steps are we taking to minimize them?

There are probably a billion answers to that last question.

Everyone wants a better, stronger, richer nation.  Yet strangely, there is no clear, objective, transparent national agenda on how to achieve this. Help us start a conversation around CHANGE in India.

Write to us. Tell us about your encounter with CHANGE in India. Tell us about the change you think we need to see in our country in the coming years!

Be it a story or a picture, send in your entries to writeforus@pointblank7.com

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Tell us if India is changing! #LetsTalkChange!


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