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About Point Blank 7

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Point Blank 7, an independent online publication, aims to provide an alternative and focused view of news and commentaries on issues often ignored, slaughtered and overlooked by the mainstream media.

Our Mission

We aim to meet the growing need for independent news and views which go beyond populist influences. We question the establishment, authorities, public intellectuals, put them under scrutiny to expose biases, influence, weaknesses in their functioning.
We aim to serve as the “conscience keeper” of commercial media and assure that Point Blank 7 speaks the truth fearlessly, without favours. Its primary goal is to keep readers informed and engaged with our objective, fair and point blank journalism 7 days a week!
We are committed to being fair, objective, balanced and truthful while providing in depth analysis of issues via a team of experts for each subject. Expert analysis, hard hitting critiques of policies, in depth coverage of key issues that fail to make it to the public domain due to various reasons are our areas of focus.

What’s different?

Unique Content

Our content is a healthy mix of expert analysis, narratives, features, inspirational stories and detailed assessment of polices. We rely on our detailed, focused  coverage of the most compelling key issues of the day.
We engage the best thinkers and writers to present their analysis, views and opinions on:
  • topics which get media attention but not the way they deserve
  • topics which require media attention but remain neglected
  • topics which get slaughtered due to less media attention
It’s time to get involved, to tackle issues, make suggestions, come up with a constructive, positive critique of the functioning of the mainstream media in various areas and revive people’s belief in balanced journalism.

Crowd sourcing stories

Readers form the backbone of Point blank 7 and we are always on the look out for good story tellers. If you have a story to tell, send us your idea and we will follow it through with full credits to you. We aim to go beyond the traditional methods and build a community of dedicated citizen journalists.
We encourage citizens to get involved, to look out for stories and narrate them through us. You get to read what you think should be read. We aim to connect our readers — and that means — channelize your energies to make a change which we believe is the basic purpose of journalism.
Our Team The team at PointBlank 7 is an eclectic mix of industry professionals and journalists with a wide array of functional expertise and domain exposure.

JOIN US / WRITE for us and SEE the CHANGE

Email : pointblankseven@gmail.com

Editor-in-Chief : Riti Sinha

Riti was a telecom professional before she found her calling in journalism. She is backed with more than a decade of experience in technology and journalism. Post a stint at a leading mainstream digital media house, she chose to follow her heart and pursue her passion and she took off on her own to start Point Blank 7, an issue based independent publication from scratch. She has built Point Blank 7 based upon a number of editorial values that she believes lay the foundation of the fourth estate, including truth, accuracy, accountability  and independence.

Contact: riti.sinha@gmail.com

Our Authors

Adfer Shah 

About The Author

Adfer Rashid Shah (Adfar Shah) is a social analyst and currently the Doctoral Candidate of Sociology at the Central University of Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. India. The author, hailing himself from a conflict zone (Indian Kashmir) has mostly been writing on social and political issues in South Asia and Middle East. His articles have appeared in various national and international journals, magazines and newspapers. Besides participating in number of national and international conferences, he has produced more than one hundred publications so far. His research experiences include Conflict analysis, Youth Sociology, Change and Development; Field work, Military Sociology and Sociology of Religion. Author is a Guest Columnist at Point Blank 7, Analyst World and Eurasia Review besides being Featured author at Amazons.com. He can be mailed at adfer.syed@gmail.com.

Narendra Kaushik

About The Author

Narendra Kaushik is a journalist involved in writing news reports/features/analytical columns on politics, elections, governance, internal security, strategic affairs, travel, Indian Cinema and banking etcetera. He has been in the profession for 18 years. Worked with Mid Day (Mumbai), Free Press Journal, Gulf News (as a stringer), Sahara Time, Asia360news, Asia News Observer, Mumbai Mirror, Sakaal Times (Pune), Inclusion (a magazine reporting development economics), Yuva, a fortnightly catering to youth, and as part of a team of London School of Economics (LSE) on a project on electoral democracy in India. He has done hundreds of special features, a majority of which were front-paged in Sunday Mid Day, Free Press Journal, Sahara Time and Sakaal Times. He has written for Times of India, Hindustan Times, The Tribune, Daily Post (Chandigarh), Deccan Herald (Bangalore), Asia Pacific Defence Forum, Arab News, Hard News and dozens of other publications. He is also a trained photographer and has his pictures published on www.rediff.com, in Gulf News, Terrascape, The Tribune and The Times of India (Crest).

Sanjay Pandey

About The Author

A journalist with around 6 years of experience. Has published his work in different international newspapers, including Al Jazeera English, Barcroft TV, The Sun, Daily Mail, Daily Mirror and The Opinions Post. Sanjay has edited Reuters’ global Top News pages as a Desk Editor. He is trained in writing, editing, planning and prioritizing content for online, broadcast and print media and enjoys writing on national/international politics, society and culture

Anuj Shrivastava

About The Author

Anuj Shrivastava is a journalist with over ten years of experience in editing and writing in leading English national dailies. Anuj has a deep insight into politics and the way he picks up underlying threads, subtle clues, trends and perceptions and then weaves them wonderfully into words turns out to be a delight to read. He is ever keen to critically analyse political developments, policies, government decisions and anything of public interest. A stickler for quality and correct facts, Anuj is very meticulous and has a rare aptitude for spotting errors. He can be reached at anuj_shriv@hotmail.com

Dr. Subhash Kapila , Advisor, Point Blank 7

About The Author

Dr Subhash Kapila is a graduate of the Royal British Army Staff College, with a Masters in Defence Science (Madras University) and a PhD in Strategic Studies (Allahabad University). He combines a rich experience of Army (Brigadier) and diplomatic assignments in major countries. He writes extensively on foreign policy issues and strategic affairs for think-tanks and professional journals. He has participated in many national seminars and interviews by CNN, BBC etc. He is also the author of a book “India’s Defence Policies and Strategic Thought: A Comparative Analysis”. He is also an advisor to Point Blank 7.

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