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Veterans during the peaceful agitation

Government’s declaration of One Rank One Pension Today

The government has announced the implementation of the long-awaited One Rank One Pension or OROP this afternoon.

Despite the huge fiscal burden, given its commitment to the welfare of Ex-servicemen, Government has decided to implement OROP. – Defence Minister

Close to 22 lakh retired servicemen and over six lakh war widows stand to be the immediate beneficiaries of the scheme.


Future enhancements in rates of pension to be automatically passed on to past pensioners. Pension would be re-fixed every 5 years . Benefit of OROP to be given with effect from 1st July, 2014; a date immediately after the present Government assumed office. Personnel who retire voluntarily will not be covered under #OROP scheme.

Meanwhile standoff by the veterans continues. Maj General Satbir Singh while welcoming the move also also expresses disappointment on some points. Says veterans have rejected government’s offer. Points out that it’s not OROP but one rank 5 pensions.

The twitterati report more on the announcement

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