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Rahul Yadav’s resignation drama: Yet again ?

Housing.com’s Rahul Yadav made news yet again for resigning from his company. A TOI report, said that Rahul had stepped down as CEO of housing.com. It wasn’t long before Rahul Yadav took to FB to mock the TOI report that had announced his resignation.


TOI following this, retracted the story with the link now showing a 404 error

toi story

Nevertheless, given his track record with resignations and with nobody sure about the permanency of the resignation, Twitterati took potshots at Rahul Yadav to lighten the mood on social media.

Here are some humourous tweets on #RahulYadav

Ekta Kapoor Soap

Signing up for Quitter.com?

Yadav’s mantra

Naatak much?

He’s been verbed

Blunt talk

It’s all in the name

Wanna play?

PS: ET recently added an update to the story in which it mentions that Rahul Yadav has denied quitting Housing.

Developing Story……

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