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Illicit liqour| Photo: WNS

Hooch tragedy in Mumbai : Death toll crosses 100

The death toll in Mumbai’s hooch tragedy has crossed 100 with latest estimates pointing to 104 dead and 40 more hospitalized. The tragedy took place at the Laxmi Nagar slum in Malwani on Wednesday night when some people consumed locally-produced liquor at a bar in Malwani area. The next day, several people were rushed to hospital for methanol poisoning.

While this story was given a miss amidst all the yoga euphoria, the deathly silence by the twitterati on this issue was food for thought.

Some who chose to speak about it, however, did not miss the chance to give the tragedy a political twist as usual

While some brought out the facts…

It was just a handful who spoke about the problems on ground…

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