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Bin Laden documents: What’s in them?

[By Aishwarya Yerra]

On Wednesday, US intelligence agencies declassified more than 100 documents that were seized during a raid on the world’s most-wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Pakistan. These documents contained a treasure trove of information on Al Qaeda and their then leader and we give you the key points from these newly-released files:

26/11 was heroic

The documents show that the terrorist leader called the horrific attack in Mumbai on 26/11 as a heroic suicide attack and the Pune German Bakery bombing as a ‘beautiful huge bombing.’

Al Qaeda’s functioning

The Al Qaeda functioned like any other organisation with recruitment happening through job application forms. They dealt with problems such as impatience and spontaneity of young members and the need for better development and planning. Their leader bin Laden understood the importance science and wanted more engineers and chemists to join their organisation. Below is a sample of the questions asked in the application form to join Al Qaeda: 

Photo credit: Gawker

Photo credit: Gawker

A succession plan

Osama bin Laden wanted his favourite son Hamza, 22, to take over the global terrorist organisation and was grooming him to take over his position. He was planning to smuggle Hamza, who was trained with explosives, into the Abottabad compound where he was finally found and killed in the raid.

What he was reading

According to the documents, he was reading various conspiracy-theory books including books that questioned his involvement in the 9/11 terror strikes in the US. He was also reading many books on France. Reports suggest that he wanted to strike the French economy in an attempt to trigger off a domino effect throughout the West.

Uptight about security

Osama bin Laden was so particular about secrecy and security around him in his Abottabad compound (he was the most-wanted man at that time) that he instructed his wife who was joining him at the hideout from Iran that she leave all her belongings back home. He was scared that extremely small chips or microscopic bugs would be injected into clothes etc through syringes so as to eavesdrop on him.

Indian brother

In the documents Osama talks about an “Indian brother in Medinah” who sent him money on multiple occasions. He has also spoken of ‘pious’ sisters or sympathizers who sold gold to send money to him.

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