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Dealing with social issues in a manner akin to a mother’s care

A year back, it started out as an idea to provide Delhi street children with shoes during terrible Delhi winters. Latika Wadhwa, then only 24 and a full time working professional, decided to start an online campaign to help these children.

The response that she got encouraged her to collect food and clothes for these children as gifts for Christmas, which was around the corner. By the time Christmas arrived, she was able to treat these disadvantaged children to a party sponsored by Dominos.

MaStyle_Care_Logo (1)Wadhwa and her social venture MaStyle Care have never looked back since.

Their motto is to collect, donate and bring happiness. She worked towards providing underprivileged children with care just like that of a mother’s.

Every month the organisation holds an event based on different social issues. So far, she has organised 14 events on violence against women, old age problems, environmental problems, autism and others.

MaStyle Care has successfully carried out campaigns like Pop the Balloon (to relieve stress and negative emotions) and Chalk Walk (a street-walk campaign against social ills). These brought together over 8,000 people in Delhi and Meerut

The organisation had also carried out Colorothon Delhi, which brought people of different castes and religions together on a single platform to celebrate art and saw a participation of more than 10,000 people.

Recently, the organisation introduced horticulture therapy to help autistic children.

Talking about the challenges and problems faced to start MaStyle Care, Wadhwa said,

Initially, my friends laughed at my decision to start this platform. They thought it was a waste to invest energy into something that will consume my savings.

Also, my friends made fun of the name of my platform in public meetings.

It made me sad and dejected. But I never lost confidence and I worked harder. Today I am glad that MaStyle Care is a healthy, happy place.

Her biggest challenge was quitting a well-paid job and entering into a workspace where she had to strike a balance between MaStyle care and also take up projects that allowed her to make money. Wadhwa works as a freelance PR associate and a content writer.

To Wadhwa, her mother and a few close friends have been the support system she required when she faced ups downs through the course of her endeavour.

Latika states that success will come to those who have the will power to accompany their aspirations.

“I did start MyStyle Care single-handedly, but today, I have a team of members and volunteers who share my enthusiasm to serve the society,”

she said.


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