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The water crisis

Demystifying Delhi’s Water Crisis

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|By Simran Brar & Roop Brar|

If you are a Delhi-ite, your life has already been touched by the water scarcity in the city.

Chances are, you have already fought with your water-hoarding neigbour upstream whose monstrous motor is sucking up all the water meant for your block.

You have sworn under your breath at 6 am on being rudely awakened by the shrieking of your alarm clock – all so that you could fill up your tank while the city released the daily hour of water supply.

You are not proud of the fact that you have stolen mineral water bottles from your office when no one was looking; and while you will never admit this to your right-wing, corporate-type friends, your heart leapt with joy when Kejriwal announced his promise of free water!

The good news is, you’re not alone. The bad news is, its a pretty bad situation. But you already knew that, right? And you also know that its likely to get worse because you have heard bespectacled, grave-looking men on TV say that it will.

But does it all have to be so ominous?

Not necessarily.

You should read further if:

  1. You are depressed by all the apocalyptic predictions you have heard about your city’s water scarcity and want to talk about solutions.
  2. You want to understand who is responsible for this mess – the government, Delhi’s growing population, the pretentious dude round the corner who washes his Mercedes every morning with a 1000 litres of drinking water?
  3. You want to keep your government honest.
  4. You want to know how you can help.
The authors, through a series of articles aim at demystifying Delhi’s water crisis – its causes, consequences and possible resolution.

The overarching objective of this exercise is to give the readers an easy yet profound and constructive understanding of the capital’s water woes – one that empowers them to demand meaningful deliverables from their government and encourages them to understand their own role in the solution. That said, we suggest a good start would be for you to harass your local MLA with your water agenda instead.

We welcome you on this journey. In exchange for your time and concentration, we promise you the satisfaction of becoming a better-informed citizen. Feel free to write to us or leave your comments.

Part I: So, what is this water crisis everyone keeps talking about anyway?

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