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Unknown Faces

What happens to the destitute when they die? St. Joseph’s Hospice in India is an example of those who provide shelter, food, clothing, medical help and, when needed, last rites for the destitute, aged or mentally ill. 
This video offers a glimpse.


 The people of St. Joseph’s Hospice in India offer shelter, food, clothing and medical help to the destitute, aged and mentally ill.And, when needed, they perform the last rites for those abandoned, so they can die with dignity.

How You Can Help

To help St. Joseph’s Hospice, contact Father Thomas at fatherthomas1950@yahoo.com.

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A story by Our Better World – simple, powerful stories that will make your heart smile and spirit soar. “Unknown Faces”, by filmmaker Mithran P, is the 2014 winner of The Good Story Competition, Open Category, which received 97 entries

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