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A temple dedicated to an idol found buried near the vipassana centre

Haryana writes new rules to humour Priyanka Gandhi

By Narendra Kaushik

Wish to see how the state congress governments bend backwards to accommodate the wishes of Gandhi-Nehru dynasty, visit Kamaspur, a non-descript hamlet located on the right of National Highway (NH) 1 less than 50 kilometres from Delhi.

Thanks to Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, the scion of the first family who faces heat over property allegations against her husband Robert Vadra, the village has a secondary school for girls apart from a co-educational senior secondary school and a wide smooth road which gets relaid every now and then.

The girls’ school, upgraded to secondary from middle recently and the road, are on the way to an international Vipassana Centre, Dhamma Pattana, Priyanka has been attending for over half a decade.She has done over half a dozen meditation courses from the centre.  The last course she did from there was in 2012.

thecentrepriyankameditatesin (1024x575)

Dhamma Pattana , the centre Priyanka meditates in


The village elders had a meeting with Priyanka sometime in 2005 when the latter turned up in the Vipassana Centre to do an 8 day meditation course. They asked her to get the school upgraded and the road laid.She approved saying

‘Kyon nahin hoga, zaroor hoga. Hamari party ki sarkar hai (Why will it not be done? It will be done. The state has a Congress Government)”.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda Government instantly sanctioned the laying of the road after the village Panchayat passed a resolution transferring the requisite land to Public Works Department (PWD).

The road was laid.

But when it came to upgradation of the school, the state administration ran into a glitch. The school only had 3 acres of land, 2 acres less than the statutory requirement for a secondary school.

But who could say no to Priyanka. The state decided to change the rules instead.

The state education department introduced a new rule saying that henceforth schools having 2 acres of land would be upgraded to secondary and senior secondary status. Today the school, according to deputy Headmistress Swarnlata, has 62 students.

pictureofgirlshighschool1-nameisamisnomer (1024x575)

The girls high school – the name is a misnomer

The road connecting the National Highway 1 has since been widened and relaid several times even as other roads around the village are in dire need of repairs. The last time it was relaid was around the same time in 2012 when Priyanka visited the place for another meditation course.
pictureofvipassanacentre4 (1024x575)

The road in front of the Vipassana centre


Even a less than 50 metre stretch which connects this road to the village is in a bad condition. The voices of disgruntlement are getting louder in the village.

 “It (the state administration) is only bothered about the road Priyanka takes. The rest can go to hell,”

complains Bhupendra, a youth in the village.

dhammapathanboard (1024x575)

Less than half a km away from the meditation centre, the roads call for attention

No wonder, the Haryana Government faces allegations of having facilitated the stupendous rise of Priyanka’s huband Robert Vadra through the estate business. The State has instead charged whistleblower civil servant Ashok Khemka with damaging Vadra’s reputation.

The village, according to mythology, was once a market town of Kuru Pradesh. Gautama, the Buddha, visited the place to deliver discourse of Mahasatipatthana here during his lifetime.


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