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[Satire]: You’ve a right to rage on road – It’s your property

[By Narendra Kaushik] New Delhi: Since 2001 when I first sat on the wheel in Delhi I have learnt at least a few driving etiquettes. If somebody stares at you for not immediately giving him way stare back at him. He growls, growl back at him. He swears, swear back at him. He mumbles abuses, you mumble back. In case ...

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An Open Letter to Lord Ganesha

[Satire]-[By Shruthi HM] Dear Lord Ganesha, ||Siddhi Vinayaka|| ||Vighnavinashaka|| …Lord… Lord… I am very scared. I have a feeling that something terrible will befall us. That is why I have decided to write this Open Letter to you. Since you are a celestial being and might not be familiar with terrestrial modes of communication, let me explain to you what an Open ...

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The good, bad and the brazen of terrorism!

|By Shreeshan V| The year gone by was very significant for the children of the world. A 17-year old won the Nobel Peace Prize and as if in commemoration of the achievement, hundreds of other children were relinquished of their right to live in this specially messed up world. Maybe targeting children was a misunderstood gesture of kindness; one born ...

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Populism is the word of god!

|By Shreeshan Venkatesh| This is a new periodic humour column on the absurdity of what we consume as news with the subtlety of a brick in your face. The column is an honest attempt to wheedle out the farce behind the tragedy and expose the ridiculosity of our shared reality. In a country with over 1.2 billion population, popular demand ...

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