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Why land acquisition has become a tricky issue

|Narendra Kaushik| New Delhi: Despite repeated pleas from officials of Greater Noida Authority(GNA), Mahesh Pandit has not vacated a piece of land in Sector XU-2 he was compensated for about a decade ago. Resident of Ghodi Village, Pandit continues to squat on the land, which was to be converted into a park for the residential sector. He wants the authority ...

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Mica mining: Cosmetic giants riding on children’s backs In India

|By Sanjay Pandey| As the sun crawls up the sky in Koderma, abandoned mica mines start shimmering in its reflection. Driven by hunger pangs, a group of sleepy children from a neighbouring village trudges towards the Charki mines, holding mining tools in their hands. Five-year-old Ajay Das hurriedly slips into a narrow hole and starts his day. His tiny hands ...

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Demystifying Delhi’s Water Crisis

|By Simran Brar & Roop Brar| If you are a Delhi-ite, your life has already been touched by the water scarcity in the city. Chances are, you have already fought with your water-hoarding neigbour upstream whose monstrous motor is sucking up all the water meant for your block. You have sworn under your breath at 6 am on being rudely awakened by the ...

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Tea gardens of Dooars transforming into gardens of death

|By Sanjay Pandey| The picturesque tea gardens carpeting West Bengal’s Dooars region are gradually turning into graveyards as starvation death continues to stalk plantation workers. “There is no starvation death in tea gardens of Bengal,” said state Health Minister Chandrima Bhattacharya, emphasizing that the deaths were caused by prolonged malnutrition.

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In pursuit of an Indian passport – the woes of a common man

|By Sanjay Pandey| Illegal Bangladeshi immigrants who take advantage of porous international borders to cross over and settle down in the bordering districts of West Bengal and Bihar, have now started penetrating deeper into the Indian territory. Jharkhand’s Sahibganj district, which shares borders with West Bengal’s Malda, has become a case study into the systematic influx of illegal immigrants. Like ...

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Illegal Abortions: The foetal scourge

With abortion in India becoming an instrument of family planning and abortion laws being misused, there are myriad socio-cultural practices in India that has changed its course and the concept of abortion has taken on a different form.  |An Exclusive Investigation|Riti Sinha| Chennai: At a certain clinic in Thiruvanmiyur, an upmarket area of Chennai, “termination” can be done even for ...

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