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Being Male

Men Stand Tall Against Child Marriage

[By Chetna Verma] Agra – The young thrive on dreams for a brighter tomorrow. Most aspire to have a comfortable home, a rewarding career and a loving family – and they work hard to put together the pieces of this perfect life, bit-by-bit. But what if one never even got a decent shot at fulfilling one’s ambitions or breaking free ...

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Men For Women At The Panchayat

[By Suchismita Pai] Solapur (WFS) – It was extreme anxiety that drove Sampata Shivaji Babar and Kalavati Sambhaji Babar to Baburao Sadashiv Bhajnavle. In Manegaon village of Maharashtra’s Solapur district, women were not just expected to keep quiet, they were also expected to be invisible. On the domestic front they had to take on the responsibility of running the household ...

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Meet Men Who Shun Dowry, Share Property With Their Wives

[By Suchismita Pai] Solapur (WFS) – The beautifully framed copy of the Preamble of the Indian Constitution may seem rather incongruous in the rustic home of Siddharam Bodre, resident of Sonalwadi village, but then this father of two daughters has taken the essence of its message to heart. The dusty little hamlet of Sonalwadi in Solapur district of Maharashtra would ...

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Woes of men as non-custodian parents

In the fight for child custody and support, law favors custody of children to mothers and as a result the fathers in India end up being drained emotionally as well financially, to maintain constant contact with their child. Indian law needs to specifically lay down the rules for shared parenting or joint custody of children of divorcing parents. [By Rahul D’Souza] Mumbai: Kim Prabhakar (name ...

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What are some cases/stories where women have misused Indian laws, which were actually made to protect them?

As per National Crime Records Bureau in 2012, approximately 64,000 married men committed suicide vis-a-vis 32,000 married women. In a report by a leading national daily, Dr. Ponappa, Men’s Right Activist, Mysore, indicated that over 1,57,000 men had committed suicide , in comparison to 1,26,000 women, owing to family disputes and harassment by their spouses in the last few years. ...

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The Community Answers: Why are Men’s Rights Activists (MRAs) viewed by some as being violent, sexist, and full of hate?

The men’s rights activism is a coalition of activists who are growing bigger by the day while continuing to advocate the rights of men. They speak out for male victims of abuse and domestic violence – so why then, are they branded as violent, sexist, and full of hate? We listened to what the quora community had to say about it: Read more: ...

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