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A gentleman in the wild

By Narendra Kaushik | Kokrajhar This is one langur no old world monkey is scared of. The rare Golden Langur, found only along the Indo-Bhutan border and parts of Western Assam, rather lives in perfect harmony with the regular monkey also known as rhesus macaque in scientific terms. In fact, the golden haired, cat-eyed langur, which mythology aligns with monkey-king Sugriva ...

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The Pharaoh's Chicken or the Egyptian Vulture, Hesarghatta, Bangalore

Indian Vultures and their Last Crusade

By Subramanya Chandrashekar In the early 1980′s, there were approximately 40 million vultures in India. Now there are only 60,000 of these scavengers left. Watching them glide majestically through the skies, is becoming a rare sight. The masters of the skies, today stand critically endangered and it would be foolish to push this aside as a mere story or undermine ...

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