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Facebook is no charity, and the ‘free’ in Free Basics comes at a price

[By Mark Graham, University of Oxford] Who could possibly be against free internet access? This is the question that Mark Zuckerberg asks in a piece for the Times of India in which he claims Facebook’s Free Basics service “protects net neutrality”. Free Basics is the rebranded Internet.org, a Facebook operation where by partnering with local telecoms firms in the developing world ...

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The biggest vulnerability of digital age: Lack of privacy

[By Elizabeth Orley] People, it is the WORLD WIDE WEB for a reason. You have the world at your fingertips, but you open yourself up to the world. Every time a site gets “hacked” I sit back and think. If you use a social application for dating, sharing, networking, you are vulnerable. Our systems for privacy in the states are ...

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