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The Baga massacre

Media coverage of Charlie Hebdo and the Baga massacre: a study in contrasts

|By Ethan Zuckerman|The Conversation| Consider two tragic events that took place last week. A small cell of Islamic terrorists attacked cartoonists at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo and shoppers in a Paris supermarket, killing 17 people and sparking international outcry, solidarity and support. The hashtag #JeSuisCharlie trended globally, and world leaders took to the streets to march in support of ...

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Sunni Muslims in N Khorasan Province, Iran | Photo: Taghrib News Agency

The Sunni Arc of Instability

|By Brahma Chellaney| ABU DHABI – While international observers fixate on the Sunni-Shia rivalry’s role in shaping geopolitics in the Islamic world, deep fissures within the Sunni arc that stretches from the Maghreb-Sahel region of North Africa to the Afghanistan-Pakistan belt are increasingly apparent.Moreover, it is Sunni communities that produce the transnational jihadists who have become a potent threat to ...

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Words - and moments of silence - are not enough. International leaders need to take action to track down the missing Nigerian schoolgirls. Senate Democrats under a Creative Commons Licence

Words, words and more damned words

|By Mari Marcel Thekaekara | New Internationalist| The news of the 286 Nigerian schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko Haram has provoked universal condemnation. If, sitting safely in our homes, secure in the knowledge that such a thing could never happen to our children, we can feel such a sense of anger and outrage, imagine the plight of the girls and their families. ...

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