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Elections 2014

By Narendra_Damodardas_Modi.jpg: Narendra Modi - official Flickr account [CC-BY-2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons

Modi-fying Media : Just for elections or beyond?

By Shreeshan Venkatesh With the shadows of the 2002 communal violence looming large, vying for a position at the head of the government would have seemed inconceivable for Modi. Yet, today in the run-up to the General Elections 2014, Narendra Modi stands at the cusp of achieving his prime ministerial ambitions. Modi’s rise to a position of this prominence can ...

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Photo: WN / Imran Nissar

The dilemma of a Kashmiri Voter

By Adfar Shah My own commitment to understand the social and conflict phenomena in Kashmir has been fundamentally shaped by the very identity of belonging to the State. Today when we are going to vote for next Lok Sabha, the ghost of uncertainty still haunts the valley despite the fact that in spite of enough peace loving creatures in the ...

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Women have struggled for political power since before independence. EPA/Jaipal Singh

Indian election ‘womanifesto’ and the battle for equal rights

By Sumita Mukherjee Over five weeks, 815m Indians will have the opportunity to choose a new government many hope will tackle inequality and corruption and lead the country to greater prosperity.The choice is ostensibly between two men: Narendra Modi of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Rahul Gandhi of the Congress Party. So how will India’s more than 200m women ...

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Photo Credits: Jo Yon-Hak/Reuters

The 2014 General Elections and Prospects for India’s Foreign Policy

By Jivanta Schottli India’s general elections, to be held from 7th April to 12th of May 2014, rest upon some critical features that will have a bearing on the country’s foreign policy. Foreign policy per se is not usually a theme in Indian elections and neither of the two main national parties has unveiled it in any election manifesto yet. Therefore the implications ...

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BJP and its rhetoric manifest

By Shreeshan Venkatesh The jargon-laden manifesto released by the BJP, in many ways, confounds rather than clarifies. A victory for BJP would just go to prove that the more strategic noise you make, the less there is a need for workable plans. The long wait for the master-plan of development ended recently with the release of the BJP manifesto- setting off ...

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General Elections 2014: India’s muslims at fateful crossroads

By Dr Subhash Kapila India’s Muslims are at fateful crossroads on the eve of General Elections as they face the predicament of breaking out of the mind-set and the political mould that they are merely “vote-banks” to be used and then discarded by their political secularists’ patrons. On the other hand is the prospect of being part of the political ...

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Photo: Narendra Modi's official Flickr account

The Indian elections: what does “the Gujarat Model” really mean?

By Rohini Hensman Narendra Modi, whom some consider a human rights criminal, is running for PM of India and being touted as an economic saviour based on his record in Gujarat. An analysis of these claims reveals a version of corporation-driven neoliberalism as extreme as that of the US, argues Rohini Hensman   General elections in India are scheduled to ...

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India at political crossroads in 2014 – Perspectives

By Dr Subhash Kapila Perceptionaly, India today seems to be at political crossroads as the General Elections 2014 draw near. Unprecedented vituperative abuse and undignified political rhetoric that now dominates political discourse and the bitterness now dominating India’s political space is itself an indication that the political stakes are high as the Indian voter steps forward to exercise his political ...

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Delhi EC crack down on violation of model code

By Shivnarayan Rajpurohit Even as India’s largest political drama is preparing for its final run, the Election Commission(EC) has tightened the noose around the neck for all the political parties and their candidates. To ensure that the party candidates and political parties comply with the model code of conduct (MCC) in Delhi, the state election commission has formed various teams ...

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The 2014 Elections PM hopefuls|                             Photo Credits : BBC

Race for top post hots up: PM hopefuls await ballot verdict

By Anuj Shrivastava Party ideologies are being redefined, reinterpreted as political realignments have started taking place before elections; all strategic compulsions for survival, winning votes and seats. The Lok Janshakti Party (LJP) is now in alliance with the Bharatiya Janata Party(BJP) after Congress and Rashtriya Lok Dal (RLD) were not generous in seat-sharing. Ram Vilas Paswan returns to the National ...

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