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  • Liquor ban in Kerala | Photo: www.mole.my

    Alcohol ban causes controversy in India

    |By Mari Marcel Thekaekara| New Internationalist| A week ago, the Kerala High Court upheld a government decision to ban alcohol in most parts of the state. Keralites who proudly advertise their state as ‘God’s own country’ are bitterly divided on thi...

  • India’s sterilisation programme focuses on women|Source: PTI photo

    Inside India’s sterilisation camps

    |By Sabu S Padmadas|The Conversation| A sterilisation camp held in Chhattisgarh, an impoverished state in central India, has claimed the lives of 13 women, most of whom were young and marginalised. The women, who died within hours of the procedure, w...

  • 2014-01-29-cows-590

    Defending people’s milk in India

    A vibrant network of small producers and milk co-operatives is threatened by free trade agreements and liberalized investment policies. A dairy farm in Lonavia, India. Kim Carpenter under a Creative Commons Licence We take care of the cow a...

  • Photo : Brad Bethell , under Creative Commons

    The Drag on E-Cigarettes

    |By Le Houezec Jacques| RENNES – Michael Russell and Murray Jarvik, two pioneers of smoking-cessation research in the 1970s, would probably have welcomed the development of the electronic cigarette or “personal nicotine vaporizer” (PNV). Beyond servi...

  • A child from Afghanistan getting treated in India. Tens of thousands of Afghans are travelling to India for safe, albeit expensive, medical care. Photo: Bioedge

    Medical Tourism witnesses fastest growth in India

     By Narendra Kaushik  New Delhi:  Ashurov Saidkul John has a dream.  A gastroenterologist from Tajikistan, John wishes to replicate Medanta, The Medicity, a high-end private hospital of Gurgaon, in Dushanbe, the national capital of Tajikistan.  “We d...

  • The second branch of the Humanity Hospital in Sunderbans

    Sunderbans gets a hospital for the poor, by the poor

    Widowed at the age of 23, Subhashini Mistry toiled hard for decades to save enough money for her dream project-to build a hospital for the poor.Today, the 70-year-old can look back with satisfaction at two-storeyed buildings located in Haspukur and S...

  • Villagers outside the residence of the RMP awaiting treatment| Photo: Riti Sinha

    Village doctors go viral

    [By Riti Sinha] Ghattu: Excessive antibiotic doses, unnecessary injections, steroids, consumption of unlabelled medicines. This is the reality of healthcare in Ghattu village, located within the Ghattu Mandal in the Mahabubnagar district which despit...

  • Photo: Tulane Publications, CC BY-NC-SA

    We’ll never find an Ebola vaccine without taking some risks

    |By Connor Bamford and Andrew Shaw, University of Glasgow| The Conversation| The current West African ebolavirus outbreak, which has now reached more than 1,000 cases and resulted in more than 800 deaths, is a reminder of the often unpredictable natu...

  • A drain on left of G T Road

    Cancer Spread in Greater Noida Villages

    |By Narendra Kaushik| Greater Noida: Sukhpal Singh (50) looks to have grown older by a decade in last two years since his wife Bala Devi (45) was diagnosed with breast cancer. The couple has been to almost every major hospital in Delhi and the Nation...

Ending AIDS as a public health threat by 2030, as envisioned in the Sustainable Development Goal 3 - health and well-being for all - is attainable but it is imperative that the response to it is fast tracked in the next five years. (Courtesy: UNAIDS)

Is it the end of AIDS in 2030?

[By Syed Mohammad Afsar] Geneva – Writing on World AIDS Day a few years ago, I had shared the story of Seema (name changed), a young mother, and her daughter from India. Both are HIV positive. While the mother had started on antiretroviral treatment (ART) and was, in fact, doing well, her concerns were about her daughter’s health. Would she ...

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India sells an estimated 1 million bottles of water everyday

Bottled Risk

[By Brahma Chellaney]  BERLIN – Over the last 15 years, the bottled-water industry has experienced explosive growth, which shows no sign of slowing. In fact, bottled water – including everything from “purified spring water” to flavored water and water enriched with vitamins, minerals, or electrolytes – is the largest growth area in the beverage industry, even in cities where tap ...

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Every boat clinic has a 16-member team, including two doctors, a general nurse-cum-midwife (GNM), Auxiliary Nurse Midwives (ANMs) and laboratory technician.

Healthcare For Women In Times Of Distress

Delhi (WFS) — Millions have been affected by the devastating earthquake that jolted Nepal on April 25, 2015. With half a million homes destroyed, and hundreds of thousands more damaged, people have been forced to sleep out in the open or adjust in crowded in displacement camps. But even as the crisis has garnered extensive international attention and an outpouring ...

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Promoted as the “pink Viagra”, Flibanserin is nothing like Viagra; it is similar to anti-depressants and affects brain chemistry, and must be taken daily, potentially for years.

What’s This Hoopla Around The Little Pink Pill

[By Elayne Clift] Vermont (WFS) – Flibanserin – perhaps derived from “female”, “libido” and “answer” – is Big Pharma’s latest controversial innovation designed, it seems, to respond to women’s quest for an eternal wet dream. It comes in the form of a daily pill, which, of course, is pink. My first reaction to this news was, are those chemists nuts? ...

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India celebrated International Yoga Day with great fervour with the Prime Minister himself joining people in doing yoga on June 21

Rediscovering Yoga

[By Narendra Kaushik] When Vikalp Singh, a farmer in Nawada Village of Greater Noida, would walk to nearby City Park in the wee hours of the morning to carry out his routine of physical exercises last summer, he would not find many people out. But since last month he has noticed a big increase in the number of people who ...

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Photo: OnMogul

Everything you need to know about ADHD

Facts: ADD and ADHD are the same disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder was officially renamed Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in 1994. Many people use ADD to refer to Type One presented here, and ADHD to refer to Type Two, but they are the same core disorder. In many cases where ADHD carries into adulthood, it’s a genetic issue [My grandfather, mother, ...

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Adulteration unchecked : Photo: gettingEasy.com

Why food adulteration is so rampant in India?

[By Narendra Kaushik] New Delhi: Ompal Singh, a Food Safety Officer (FSO) in Gautam Buddh Nagar District, always has his hands full. Singh has close to 400 permanent and temporary sales outlets under his jurisdiction (Jewar and Sadar Sub-Divisions of the district). Since Food Safety and Standards Act (FSSA) 2006 makes it mandatory for every FSO in the country to pick ...

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Promoted as a two-minute miracle meal, Maggi noodles are popular across Asia (these ones are from Phillipines/Malaysia)

Why The Maggi Affair has angered and enthralled India

[By Mari Marcel Thekaekara | New Internationalist] Hitting the headlines of every Indian daily, for a few days now has been – no, you could never have guessed, L’Affaire Maggi. After samples of Maggi noodles, manufactured in March 2014, were found to contain unacceptably high levels of lead and monosodium glutamate (MSG), the instant noodles brand has come under scrutiny ...

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Photo: cigarettezoom

Fighting for India’s health

[By Mari Marcel Thekaekara| New Internationalist] Once upon a time, a few decades ago, I actually used to buy duty-free cigarettes for friends who were over the moon about Dunhill, Benson & Hedges or Marlboro, all imported cigarettes then not available in India. Now I cringe at the thought. The turning point came in 1984, when I met a 21-year-old adivasi ...

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(From left) Saira, Shahjahan and Sameena are three of the many conscientious community volunteers who have joined hands with religious leaders under a special initiative that aims to improve the overall health of the over 1.6 lakh Muslims living in Tonk, in Rajasthan | Photo Credit: Abha Sharma/WFS

‘Azan Can Wait, A Newborn Can’t Wait To Be Breastfed’

[By Abha Sharma] Tonk (Women’s Feature Service) – Until a few years back, there was no way that mothers like Salma, Nagma or Zebunnisa in Tonk, a small town in Rajasthan, could feed their newborn till an elder in the family came over to whisper the ‘azan’, or prayer, into the ears of the little one. Only after this ritual was ...

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