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  • Karate | Photo:  Jjskarate under a Creative Commons Licence

    The Kickback Kid

    [By Mari Marcel Thekaekara] ‘Kickbacks’, in India, generally refer to bribes and corruption. Fairly commonplace. Not really news. So I almost skipped reading the Times of India story about a 16-year old girl, ‘the Kickback kid’ as some re...

  • john nash

    The legacy of John Nash and his equilibrium theory

    [By Stephen Woodcock | The Conversation] The American mathematician John Nash, who died in a taxi accident at the weekend, is probably best known to the wider public through Russell Crowe’s portrayal of him in the 2001 movie A Beautiful Mind. His car...

  • billboard outside school2

    School pays girls for attendance, builds toilets for meritorious

    [By Narendra Kaushik] Anoopshahr: “Did you love your daughter today?” postcard-shaped, billboards carved into walls on either side of the gate, bag to know.  “Yes we did,” the answer is written just under the question cordoned off by smileys on both ...

  • The Joy of Toys

    Her Toy Story

    Shweta Chari was having dinner with friends in 2004 when she shared an idea to create a place where children could play. Sharing that many children are forced to be labourers at an early age, sometimes in dangerous industries such as firecrackers, th...

  • Photo courtesy of Flickr.com/Creative Commons

    The Underachieving Education Business

    |By John S. Katzman| NEW YORK – Capitalism has produced many high-quality products and services, from smartphones to high-speed transport and compelling entertainment. Yet the profit motive, essential in so many fields, seems to have disappointed in ...

  • Neel and Deep at an award ceremony

    Joshi siblings : India’s youngest MBA graduates

    |By Sanjib Guha| Their achievements did not create much of a flutter a few years ago when siblings Neel (then 13) and Deep (then 11) earned the distinction of being the youngest MBA graduates of the country, a record of sorts. The feat just had few m...

  • The Large Hadron Collider tunnel| Photo by Julian Herzog licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported)

    The Dark Side of Physics

    |By Maria Spiropulu| PASADENA – Almost a century ago, the first galaxy beyond our own was discovered, and within a decade the theory that the universe is expanding was first proposed. Since then, astounding technological developments have contributed...

  • assess

    PISA’s Promise

    |By Ángel Gurría| Paris– By assessing the capabilities and knowledge of students in the highest-performing and most rapidly improving education systems, the OECD’s Program for International Student Assessment (PISA) provides valuable options for refo...

  • Sushil koirala with an idol of Shiva's Sheshnag found in excavation

    Ravana’s Birthplace throwing up Artifacts

    |By Narendra Kaushik| Greater Noida: Bisrakh, is a nondescript village tucked behind under-construction high-rises where driving a vehicle means shifting through clouds formed by dust, grime and sand. But mention Ravana, demon king, scholar, musician...

ManU_2 (1024x683)

Sex worker’s son scores Man U goal

By Sanjay Pandey Kolkata:  As a teenage boy dribbles a football through the dirty and defamed alleyways of Sonagachi, a sense of pride dawns on the sex workers of Asia’s largest red light district that houses over 11,000 prostitutes.

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Kelvin Doe with his radio equipment

Whiz kid makes own radio station from scouring trash cans

|By Riti Sinha| Kelvin Doe’s neighborhood in Sierra Leone has power lines, but electricity is rarely available even for mundane things such as lighting homes at night. Tired of the week long power cuts, this young lad, now 17-years old decided to turn things around. He built his own battery out of acid, soda, and metal parts scavenged from trash ...

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Photo: WN/Geeta

State of Art

By Divya Aslesha The opening paragraph of the national focus group on arts and culture report efficiently sums up the concerns the Arts face in India and particularly from an educational perspective.  It says, “The need to integrate art education in the formal schooling of our students now requires urgent attention if we are to retain our unique cultural identity. ...

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