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Unknown Faces

What happens to the destitute when they die? St. Joseph’s Hospice in India is an example of those who provide shelter, food, clothing, medical help and, when needed, last rites for the destitute, aged or mentally ill.    This video offers a glimpse.

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The Joy of Toys

Her Toy Story

Shweta Chari was having dinner with friends in 2004 when she shared an idea to create a place where children could play. Sharing that many children are forced to be labourers at an early age, sometimes in dangerous industries such as firecrackers, the electronics engineer wanted to help them regain their childhood. “Simple toys can make them children again,” says ...

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Photo: @powerstofly

Hope for High-Tech Mothers

|By Naomi Wolf| NEW YORK – Have two highly skilled women – with four babies and toddlers between them – finally found a way to achieve an ideal work-family balance? It looks as if PowerToFly, a new startup launched to place women around the world in tech jobs with flexible hours and the ability to work remotely, has done just that. The ...

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A Hope, A Path, A Dream

They Stopped to Listen to Street Kids

|Our Better World| Surrounded by poverty, a group of engineering students in Mumbai decide to meet a few of the thousands of street children in their city, to learn about their lives and hear their stories. They came across Salaam Baalak Trust, which helps street children with food, shelter, education and also offers friendship and a sense of belonging.

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A new strain of GM rice has been developed that can endure extreme conditions | Photo: ourworld.unu.edu Creative commons

More Crop for the Drop

|By Henry I. Miller| STANFORD – The United Nations has called drought the “world’s costliest natural disaster,” both financially, imposing an annual cost of $6-8 billion, and in human terms; since 1900, it has affected two billion people, leading to more than 11 million deaths. That is because so much of the world is vulnerable; currently affected areas include Australia, Sub-Saharan Africa, South Asia, ...

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Shubhada Varadkar

Shubhada Varadkar : An Achiever In Her Own Right

|By Sanjib Guha| Shubhada Varadkar, an Odissi exponent from Mumbai, has survived quite a few tough battles in her 51 years to reach a juncture where she can proudly announce that she is more an achiever than a tragic icon. Besides being a professor of Economics at a Mumbai college, Shubhada also served as a news reader for Doordarshan before ...

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The kolkata skyline | Photo: Nkhlm, via Wikimedia Commons

Kolkata’s Social Housing Derailment: Govt to propose a new model

|By Sandhya Sutodia| Kolkata : Anurag Chatterji*, who earns Rs 9,500, has spent 25 years in a rented flat and owning a house seems a distant dream for him. Meanwhile, his cousin Vinod Chatterji applied to the low-income group (LIG) housing which was made available at lower rates by the erstwhile Left Front government and private developers in the state ...

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The shortcomings of Liberia’s health-care system long preceded the Ebola outbreak | Photo - Dr. Randal J. Schoepp under a Creative Commons Licence

Health in a Time of Ebola

|By Prabhjot Singh| NEW YORK – In Sub-Saharan Africa, any child with a fever should receive immediate medical care to prevent death from malaria or pneumonia. But, as panic about the spread of Ebola grips Liberia – as well as Sierra Leone, Guinea, and Nigeria – people there are increasingly associating clinicians and health-care facilities with exposure to the disease. Ensuring ...

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Photo under creative commons

A Great Breakdown?

|By Kemal Derviş| ISTANBUL – This month – the centenary of the outbreak of World War I – is an opportune time to reflect on big risks. As Michael Spence recently warned, the international order’s widening security deficit, reflecting the weakening of whatever global governance we have, is fast becoming the biggest risk facing the world economy. The same point could ...

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A younger Atal Bihari Vajpayee | File Photo: PTI

When Vajpayee almost shut door on his sister

|By Narendra Kaushik| New Delhi: It was on a Bhai Duj, a Hindu festival celebrated on the last day of five-day long Diwali.  One of the sisters of Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee had come from Agra. During one of the discussions she asked Vajpayee whether he could help her in a case she faced from a land development agency ...

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