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Modi govt turns one

The Modi Government Turns One

[By Shashi Tharoor] NEW DELHI – India’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) government, led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, will mark its first anniversary in office this month. While it is too early to assess its overall performance, the overwhelming sentiment across India so far is one of disappointment. The BJP rode to power on a wave of expectations after a ...

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My friendship with Xi Jinping is 'plus one': PM Narendra Modi

Modi in China

[By Brahma Chellaney] NEW DELHI – China and India have a fraught relationship, characterized by festering disputes, deep mistrust, and a shared ambivalence about political cooperation. Booming bilateral trade, far from helping to turn the page on old rifts, has been accompanied by increasing border incidents, military tensions, and geopolitical rivalry, as well as disagreements on riparian and maritime issues. ...

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Nepalese women and children are vulnerable to human trafficking following the earthquakes. | Photo : under a Creative Commons Licence

Eight ways to help stop human trafficking in Nepal

Nepal has been struck by a second earthquake, just weeks after the Gorkha Earthquake killed more than 8,000 people and left 18,000 injured. This time, the earthquake reached 7.3 on the Richter scale, and was followed by 6 aftershocks. The Nepalese home ministry is reporting that at least another 900 people have been injured. As aid agencies renew their call ...

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Gangathla villagers at the spot where Panchayat met last month

Distorted media reports leads to Khurja woman being abandoned by family

[By Narendra Kaushik] Khurja:  The case of Sarita (name changed), a housewife in Gangthla Village in Khurja sub division of Bulandshahr District, is an example of how media and vernacular television channels in particular sensationalize, fabricate and distort news to catch eyeballs and improve their television rating points (TRPs). Sarita (25), wife of one Bilkesh, was asked by a Panchayat ...

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John Oliver Bluntly Blasts America For Not Offering Solid Paid Maternity Leave

John Oliver single-handedly delivered a twelve-minute report on one of the most compelling messages on the unjustness of the lack of paid maternity leave in the United States. It brilliantly drove the point home at the ludicrous situation the country is in when it comes to how new mothers are treated in the workplace. Is this unfair or what? Whoever the next president is, ...

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Qadri's taj mahal | Photos:   Narendra Kaushik

Postmaster builds ‘Taj’ for wife

[By Narendra Kaushik] Dibai: Ask anybody in Kaser Kalan, a dusty, sleepy village of mix Hindu-Muslim population in Dibai sub-division of Bulandshahr District about 113 km from Delhi, about the man who is building Taj Mahal and there is certainty that he or she will refer you to Faizul Hasan Qadri, a retired Sub postmaster. “Turn left on a kutcha ...

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Movies like ‘Queen’ depict stories that realistically reflect social issues that are part of everyday reality of many in the audience.

India: Cinema That Is “Real” And Entertaining

[By Shwetha George] Kottayam (WFS) – In Basupura, a small hamlet somewhere in the countryside in south India, Madevappa and his wife, Devakka, live a quiet life with their school-going son, an infant daughter and an ageing mother. Where Madevappa works in a flour mill, his wife makes ‘rotis’ and sells them in nearby towns. Like everyone else in the ...

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Pads Against Patriarchy: Students Speak Up Against Sexism

[By Dipanjana Dey] Kolkata (Women’s Feature Service) – Sanchita Dey, 17, lives in a settlement in the vicinity of the Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport in Kolkata and goes to the Dum Dum Baidyanath High Secondary School nearby where the Class 12 student is gaining a decent education.But for all her prospects of a bright future, what Dey’s schooling has ...

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Indian prisons are overcrowded: 2/3rd of the inmates are undertrials

It is not just our buses and trains that are overcrowded, our prisons are also overcrowded according to the prison statistics of the NCRB. Our prisons nationally have an occupancy ratio of 118.4%, 18% more than the capacity of the prison. And not surprisingly, 2/3rd of the inmates are undertrials, thanks to the slow pace of our judicial process. Number ...

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Google celebrates Nellie Bly's 151st Birthday with a musical doodle

What Girls Are Good For: 20-Year-Old Nellie Bly’s 1885 Response to a Patronizing Chauvinist

Elizabeth Jane Cochrane (May 5, 1864 – January 27, 1922), better known by her pen name, Nellie Bly, was a trailblazing journalist who not only paved the way for women in media at a time when women still didn’t have the right to vote, but also also championed the power of journalism as a tool of social justice. Maria Popova ...

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