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How Rajesh Khanna grew on me after death : A reminiscence

[By Narendra Kaushik] New Delhi: It was sometime during the last monsoon before the 21st century that I landed at the door of Rajesh Khanna. He had asked me to come at around 3.30 p.m. But since work on another story brought me to Sarvpriya Vihar (South Delhi) at 2 p.m, I thought it may be a good idea to pre-pone ...

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On India’s ‘Political Damads’

At the centenary birthday celebrations of Arun Jaitely’s father in Jammu and Kashmir, Modi took a dig at political ‘damads‘(sons-in-law). Twitterati went into an overdrive and here are some selected tweets on the presumed damad, Robert Vadra. Extreme measures Rahul Gandhi nd Vadra pls go nd watch #BajrangiBhaijaan, so atleast u stop ranting fr 3 hours!! HaHa..;) — AOK FanClub ...

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Chennai Super Kings, one of the two IPL teams now suspended, has fielded cricketing giants| Source:CandyDirectNews

Cricket’s Indian Premier League is in trouble, but popularity will see it through

[Daniel Hough|The Conversation] Just as one of cricket’s great spectacles, a Lord’s test match between England and Australia, gets underway, the sport in India has faced a day of reckoning. The suspension of two of the eight sides in India’s megabucks Indian Premier League (IPL) following an illegal betting and match-fixing scandal shows that cricket has a corruption problem, and ...

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Recently, some of the leading voices of India’s historic women’s movement, including (l-r) Lata Singh, Jyotsna Chatterji, Indu Agnihotri, Aruna Roy, Pamela Philipose and Aparna Basu gathered to share their side of the empowerment story and take stock of “how far we have come”. (Credit: NFIW)

Veteran Voices: Detailing Indian Women’s Struggles

[By Deepti Priya Mehrotra] Delhi (WFS) – Primla Loomba, 91, of the National Foundation of Indian Women (NFIW), reminisced, “When various women’s groups came together in the 1980s anti-dowry movement, it was difficult because there was a lot of distrust of each other. Yet, once we got together, despite our suspicions we began to build up trust and friendship, share ...

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From diving in the sky to plunging in the seas to pursing an extreme sport, Archana Sardana has done it all. (Courtesy: Archana Sardana)

Scaling New Horizons With Daring Dives

Delhi (WFS) – Archana Sardana, a 40-year-old adventure enthusiast, is India’s first woman civilian Building Aerial Span Earth (BASE) jumper, often jumping from a bridge of over 3,600 metres (12,000 feet). Raised in a country where women’s participation in sports remains uneven even today, Sardana did not grow up as an adventure sports enthusiast. A mother of two boys, she ...

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New Delhi residents march to pay homage to a gang rape victim who passed away in 2012 | Photo Credit: Ramesh Lalwani on Flickr, under Creative Commons

Bollywood dreams, brutal reality

[By Mari Marcel Thekaekara] Most Indian newspapers have recently covered an unbelievably grotesque rape story about a 17-year-old girl who went on a date with a man she had met online, via Facebook. She must have gone to her assignation with Bollywood-like dreams of romance and love, like a million young girls before her. Like others before her, cruelly, her dreams ...

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women's USA soccer team

There is Something Seriously WRONG with the World Cup Pay Gap

[By Bethany Heinrich] By now, it’s no secret that the women’s USA soccer team is brilliant. Winner of the Women’s World Cup in their victory over Japan last night, these fab women have just proven how valuable they are in regard to professional sports. Unfortunately, however, their value is not being reflected in what they are paid in comparison to men. Surprised? ...

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Justice Lodha verdict on CSK and RR

Cricket is a sacred game to Indians. And the ongoing rounds of corruption that have fringed deep into the game have left many cricket lovers frustrated and unhappy. With the Justice Lodha panel verdict suspending Chennai Super Kings for two years and banning Meyiappan and Raj Kundra from cricket after being found guilty of betting, many cricket fans are rejoicing. ...

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Asaram Bapu is a self styled godman with high profile devotees and a string of rumors ranging from land grabs to dead kids.Credit: https://aamjanata.com

Asaram Bapu and Media420

Once again a Twitter hashtag was created by Asaram Bapu bhakts to counter the allegations against their ‘godman’ and it was trending steadily on Monday morning and afternoon. This time Indian media or #Media420 was trolled for reporting ‘fake’ news about their Bapuji. Point Blank 7 selects some choice tweets on this hashtag. Such poor lambs Due to Media Trials, public-opinion is being ...

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Promoted as the “pink Viagra”, Flibanserin is nothing like Viagra; it is similar to anti-depressants and affects brain chemistry, and must be taken daily, potentially for years.

What’s This Hoopla Around The Little Pink Pill

[By Elayne Clift] Vermont (WFS) – Flibanserin – perhaps derived from “female”, “libido” and “answer” – is Big Pharma’s latest controversial innovation designed, it seems, to respond to women’s quest for an eternal wet dream. It comes in the form of a daily pill, which, of course, is pink. My first reaction to this news was, are those chemists nuts? ...

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